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Not Dead… Technically

Friday, August 15th, 2008

I’ve been a bit moody lately, most anyone can tell you.  Lots going on, some obvious some I don’t even know what’s wrong.  Just lacking motivation?  Iunno.

Anyways, filler is still to plan – hopefully a couple per week until I get the cover up.  It’s bein’ a pain.  The Guide is up, kind of, but flawed.  If anyone knows how to get that white bar on the pages gone, that’d be awesome to let me in on.  It’s something about my dividers I guess.

Kumoricon’s getting close.  Me an’ LM ordered shirts and the like.  Hopefully we’ll be easy enough to spot.

Update on things!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Hey!  I know, it’s been like a week with no filler, I’m sorry.  The cover is DONE, I’m simply waiting for next week to post it, on Thursday.  In the meantime, Zeph is working on a nifty little six-page thing with Fols in it and once that’s ready it will get proper attention and you’ll all have something to look at (or at least, those of you who don’t mind a bit of profanity and gore.  Not sure what my average audience age group is, here, but I know it includes my little brother, and quite possibly J’s.  You two?  Don’t click that link when it goes up, mmkay?)

Anyways, less than a week off from our departure for Kumoricon!  Me an’ LM got our nifty HP shirts and stuff and since we’ll probably be the only two there in such attire you kinda know what to look out for.  I’ll try and get pics up sometime before the con, tho.  We’ll also have a HamstaPowah tote bag each (fairly sexy), and LM custom ordered a black shirt with just the logo that came out so amazingly awesome I may have to make that an actual item in the store.  I wish I could do duplicates, I really do.  But that costs money, more per month than the store has made in its whole existance, I think (it’s like 30 a month or something and the store’s made just shy that… we have Kartney shirts now, if you’re an RP fan you should totally get one).

Thanks to Mage I got the Guide started, too, if you haven’t noticed.  You should totally check that stuff out.  All one entry.  Oh yes.

Kumoricon, Ho!

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

The time has come at long last!  Today me and Lardman leave for Kumoricon in the beautiful Portland, OR.!  Yes, we’re leaving two days before it starts.  Something about hotel rates.  S’all good, I need some chillax time.  Yeah, i just said chillax.  Cope.

If you’re gonna be in the vicinity, feel free to keep an eye out for us.  LM even got a nice Kartney shirt (it’s only funnier when the poor bloke is fondling a man-boob) and I’ve got some Hiaté stuff going down, and even once our HP attire is dirty we’ve got the HP bags on our person.  And look like us:

Now I know some of you are greatly disappointed we aren’t more like this and I apologize for that.  I’m sure it’s a severe mental shock.  We’ll between us have something like 80 of the new-fangled fancy HP cards.  It’s either going to be way too few or way too many, my pessimist voting for the latter, my dreamer hoping for the first.  If all else fails, we’ll take a lesson from the people who leave religious tracts all over and dump a few in bathroom stalls.  Now that’s advertising.

Anyways, no worries!  As you can see, the cover is up, and I’ve already got Monday’s page done and am gonna go buffer that thing right now so regardless of how this goes down you’ll be starting Chapter 10 by next week.  Awesome, no?  I thought so.

I’ll try and blog with pics and such.  I’ll even have the webcam for if we decide to be even geekier than usual and record our obscene sums of tardation.  Here’s to hoping for a pleasant experience!

Kumoricon, ‘Lo!

Saturday, August 30th, 2008


LM is taking pictures.  Totally.  We’re sitting in the lobby and he’s… oh, no, his batteries died.  Good job, LM!  I’ve sent email harassment to Liz to see if she’ll make it and were staring at the cosplayers and workers coming by.  this thing runs from 8 am to 2 am every day.  Crazeh hours!  But s’all good.

We went to see the Dark Knight, bought a TV for the room because the TV in the room wouldn’t et us plug in the Wii or anything (GARGLE) and i keep staring at the pool taking counts of cute girls and fat guys, or fat girls I THOUGHT were fat guys (sorry whoever you were, but you looked REALLY manly).  We have more soda and chips than are reasonable and a crapload of crap to do if we somehow get bored.  I also bought the last books of Kenshin and I think I’m caught up on FMA and bought some other stuff and WOO.  Moneys!  Will spend more before this ends – got asketchbook to shove in people’s faces, will have pencil on off chance sketchbook is in my face, fun fun.

Stay tuned!  tomorrow maybe iIll have LM tell you all about IMAGINARY MUGGERS and HOBOS IN RPG BATTLES.  Or we’ll totally forget.  Whichever.

My Heart Gets Stomped Like A Baby Kitten

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Yeah, me and LM went and saw Hamlet 2.  The first half or so is strictly so-so as comedy goes, but has a decent plot, and the second half where the play is going on is freaking hilarious and awesome with great songs like “Raped in the Face” and “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.”  Labor Day or not, that theater deserved a larger crowd for a movie that’s been out less than a week.  Fairly entertaining.

And that’s where the title is from, but it is not without purpose that I choose to quote Hamlet 2, for I honestly feel a bit empty. (more…)

And It All Came Crashing Down

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

So here’s a funny joke.

Turns out the tablet may never have been broken at all.

Dad took it to work and tried fixing it, never thinking to check if it worked on his computers at work.  To his credit, I was pretty convincing in my “is borked” arguments.  So he gets it to power on, new USB cord and such, brings it back, it won’t work on the laptop.  Take it to the living room, it powers on fine, acknowledges when the pen touches it, but now it’s not relaying that to the computer.

Basically, over the past few weeks, my laptop has lost the following all but completely:  USB support, the ability to consistently read and eject the CD drive, and I think my SD doesn’t work either.  I still have the Internet, obviously, and the the PC is working fine on it’s own, it’s just the external parts that let me, like, put anything on it.

If the tablet gets fixed, I’ll probably have to work in the living room.  Until it gets fixed, I may have to invade LM’s already ludicrously impossible schedule to use his computer somehow, which would be completely evil of me… so I’m not sure how to go about this right now.

What this means to you guys is next week there probably will be a comic.  This Monday’s is already done and set up, the tablet died a couple days later, and I’ve roughed out the layout for the week after, it needs sketching and the line work.  What the lack of a tablet here means is I’ll probably have to work on the next page at LM’s by some manner of magic voodoo, so until further notice, don’t expect any color after tonight’s page.  I’ll try and keep you guys in the loop on this.

Moar con photo!  (anyone know why i simply can’t get these to center?  It’s annoyin’.  Guess i should go eyeball my CSS or somethin’)

She is L

She is L

I really need to start shrinking these.  That sucker’s over a meg if you click it.  You’ve been warned.  D:

All is Well and I Feel Silly

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

So after all that crap I found out there was a driver update and tried installing that.

Tablet now works fine.

My question is, why is it that something without the driver the power light worked fine and the tablet functioned (albeit not correctly) whereas on the laptop that had the driver and just apparently got it screwed up somehow it completely and utterly quit working at all…..?

It’s confusing.  Have a con pic.  LM and I spent two days debatin’ over whether this was a pimp or a red mage.  We both failed, but my title for him compromises well enough i think.  I thought red mage because of the hat, he thought pimp because of the same reason, and the two white mage harem he had going on.

White mage pimp!

White mage pimp!

Accordin’ to spell check, mage isn’t a word.  Get with the program, Webster.

An Inquiry

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

But first, a con photo!  We’re overdue.

It's Kite!  It's Shugo!  They're the SAME!

It's Kite! It's Shugo! They're the SAME!

I was nice and made it bigger this time.  Now you don’t need to click the thumbnail to see it all!

So yeah, no read more tag this time, because I’m bludgeoning you all with my prodding.  All of you who scroll down this far, anyway.  ‘Sup, RSS doods?

“‘Sup?” wasn’t the question, btw.  The question is, seeing how the site is now, what would like more of, updated, whatever, next?  The Guide quite obviously needs work, the game page could I suppose be a bit more informative slash relevant to any non-jargon-chugging readers out there, I still need a real shop page and like commission prices (that said, what would you be willing to pay on a commission?  I need input here because despite looking around to get some sort of idea I’ve mostly ended up a bit confused).  We’ve no fan art or gallery or movies or anything yet on it’s own section or page or what have you.  And all of the music is missing in full.  So we’ve options.  I just wanna know…

What’s everyone interested in seeing?

Commission Poll, Game Blog, and a Flight

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

I put a link up in the forums. I’m working on commission prices and want to know what people think~ Anyone who’d like to leave feedback on that, please do. you might need an account or something, turns out. Thought i had it set up that you didn’t but oh well.

For the time, being, those are my commission prices as listed there, so do give that a gander if you’re interested. I have one atm and thus can probably take on one or two more now that I’ve finally gotten over the hurdle of “what the crap should I even charge people?” that’s been bugging me and being put off for so long. I consider this the hard part, yes. I have issues.

As some side notes, I actually updated my 64Digits blog, should anyone be interested in the progress on HPE and want updates until I get the Games page showing the blog category that presently only RSS readers can get at.  (One of you found it, it seems.)  I’ll figure something out eventually.  Or beg Travis to magically do it somehow.  Everyone loves Magical Travis.

But yeah, not a whole lot to say.  I roughed out the next couple pages of script, worked on Kat a bit, determined Kat probably is even less kid friendly than I originally thought, and know deep down only like 2 of you guys are under 16 or so.  If I’ve more than that, uh… shout out to the little peoples!  Howdy.

Suppose now is as good a time as any to dig up another con photo…



Dude was into it.  Gotta admire that.

So yeah.  Listening to Flight of the Conchords.  Gym has introduced me to… well, it’s fairly awesome.  I don’t listen to much anything with profanity if it can be helped but I forgive them because they keep it fairly mild sans like one song that seems to be making fun of poorly censored music, so in it’s own way even that’s awesome.  They like ooze awesome.  It amuses me so much. <3

Post Ratings and Contest Winner

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

First of all, I’ve added a post rating plug-in to the site, which should allow you all to rate individual pages and blog posts and what not however you see fit.  For anyone lingering about but not necessarily leaving comments and the like, it’s a quick, anonymous way to let me know how I’m doing, and also kinda replaces the old, old BS rating system from way back in the day on the F.C. site.  For anyone curious, the plug-in is called “Outbrain.”  Here’s hoping it all works out well.

Second, the coloring contest winner (and only entrant this time around) is LM, with his entry which you can see here.  While you’re there, his gallery consists of a BoF comic that seems to have died and lots of bizarre HP fan art.  Bizarre doesn’t mean bad, just bizarre.  You read HP in the first place, so I’m willing to bet it’s all right up your alley.

This makes two contests in a row I’ve only got one entry for, but at least they’re both from different people.  Maybe next time we can turn the heat up to two?  Who knows?  On the bright side, it’s made judging the entries really easy.

And, last but not least, we haven’t done any of these in a while.  Let’s have us a con photo.

Really blurry.

Really blurry.

LM was still getting used to the camera for a lot of the con, but if you squint, it’s totally Zelda.  Totally.

At this rate they probably will last until next year…