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Not Dead… Technically

Friday, August 15th, 2008

I’ve been a bit moody lately, most anyone can tell you.  Lots going on, some obvious some I don’t even know what’s wrong.  Just lacking motivation?  Iunno.

Anyways, filler is still to plan – hopefully a couple per week until I get the cover up.  It’s bein’ a pain.  The Guide is up, kind of, but flawed.  If anyone knows how to get that white bar on the pages gone, that’d be awesome to let me in on.  It’s something about my dividers I guess.

Kumoricon’s getting close.  Me an’ LM ordered shirts and the like.  Hopefully we’ll be easy enough to spot.

Update on things!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Hey!  I know, it’s been like a week with no filler, I’m sorry.  The cover is DONE, I’m simply waiting for next week to post it, on Thursday.  In the meantime, Zeph is working on a nifty little six-page thing with Fols in it and once that’s ready it will get proper attention and you’ll all have something to look at (or at least, those of you who don’t mind a bit of profanity and gore.  Not sure what my average audience age group is, here, but I know it includes my little brother, and quite possibly J’s.  You two?  Don’t click that link when it goes up, mmkay?)

Anyways, less than a week off from our departure for Kumoricon!  Me an’ LM got our nifty HP shirts and stuff and since we’ll probably be the only two there in such attire you kinda know what to look out for.  I’ll try and get pics up sometime before the con, tho.  We’ll also have a HamstaPowah tote bag each (fairly sexy), and LM custom ordered a black shirt with just the logo that came out so amazingly awesome I may have to make that an actual item in the store.  I wish I could do duplicates, I really do.  But that costs money, more per month than the store has made in its whole existance, I think (it’s like 30 a month or something and the store’s made just shy that… we have Kartney shirts now, if you’re an RP fan you should totally get one).

Thanks to Mage I got the Guide started, too, if you haven’t noticed.  You should totally check that stuff out.  All one entry.  Oh yes.

New Guide Entries – J and Mopoko

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Not a huge update, but one that’s taken its sweet time happening.

I’ve added Guide pages for J’Aime and Mopoko, as well as updated Hiaté’s.  Family relations are now listed when applicable, and I’ve refined the skills and Guide lists a little.  I’m pondering if it’d be worth it to upload character reference sheets up there too.  Depends.  Anyone think those would be useful?

Otherwise not a whole load going down.  Keepin’ busy.

New Song – Cumulus

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Version 2, actually.  I’ve been avoiding posting songs most places because I suspect someone is 0-bombing my stuff.  o3o  And that’s mean and uncalled for, and doesn’t happen when I don’t link my songs to the site.  I should not be faring this much better without my fans – whoever’s being a jerk, quite ruining it for everyone else.  😉

So hey yeah you guys might have noticed my site pokings lately.  Iunno what Travis is up to with his redesign work atm but this is all just me trying to get this place looking better so I can get some feedback on the site aside from “it sucks.”  That said, I still want to move the forums over to something hosted HERE instead of by someone else, but would really like to have the EXP and Badge system integrated.  It’s a Simple Machines forum, so if anyone has any mod coding experience or just feels really adventurous with their PHP, let me know – I’m in no huge rush as i still need to skin the whole thing and all that jazz anyway.

One last bit, I added Sam to the Guide page.  You should go check that out.  Finally have the main three up there.  And it only took me like a year or two to do so.  Durt durt durt…

OH.  I need to add more strips to the voting page.  It’s been almost a month without, but nobody has said a thing about them not updating.  So I’m assuming none of you are voting. It takes like five seconds, you can do it once a day, and all you do is click that big button up top of the page and follow the directions.  The result?  Me love you long time.

Stay cool.