Light & Darkness – Part 31
First comic

Monday — July 14th, 2014

Light & Darkness – Part 31

For the language junkies, the final word there is “imene”.  It means “finish.”   Because the chapter is done, you see.


Bad News (And A Shop Update)

Short Version: Tablet broke, ho goody, need to send it off to get fixed, go buy things to help support us and an adorable kitten.

He is adorable.

Long version is as follows:

Tablet’s charge port randomly broke off and fell into the thing so now I need to send it off which means, iunno, no pages for a month or something?  I need to do some things but the repair should be paid for this time so that’s something.

In the meantime, there’s a bundle of new prints in the shop and a nice shiny new button set~ so go ahead and iunno give me all your money or something?  Sounds like a plan, you should totally do that.  For anyone waiting on the Pony set, I’m aiming to have that up by next weekend so keep your eyes out (and sorry for the wait for some of you who’ve been lurking about for a while).

PS. We got a kitten and if I had a picture I’d totally post it here.  Oh yes.  You’d give all your money to the cuteness.  You’d do it.  Meow.  His name is Milo, and he is ours now.

That is all for now.  I shall keep you all posted on the progress of tablet repairs, but in the meantime, are you familiar with our recent social networking affairs?  I’ve rigged up a Google + page just for SoT, and we’re getting along quite well with our new friends at Comic Rocket.  Perhaps check these things out whilest you’re waiting around for me to stop floundering with technology, AKA my mortal nemesis and eternal foe.

Emerald City Brony Con 2012

We’re back from ECCC and I’ve had some proper unwinding, so it’s time to spew out an update to make up for the lack of a page this week (sorry!).

As I think I have previously stated, ECCC was my first time showing in an Artists’ Alley.  We learned a lot and wound up doing okay as I adapted our button line-up to match the crowd (see title), which leads to some further announcements here in a moment.  First, though, let me just say that we had fantastic neighbors that I honestly don’t think we could have gotten by without.  To our left was Larry Lewis, who kept our spirits up and was just generally a cool guy.  On our right were two people whose names were not hung on a giant sign over their heads, but they were also appreciated greatly, for we learned a lot and got several ideas watching how they functioned and set up, and they helped keep LM’s spirits up.  It was a lot of fun, and even though we didn’t turn a profit, we learned a lot and the experience will help me down the line.  I sold a few books, learned a lot about reading a crowd and attracting people’s eye, and hope to apply that to future showings (which I will also be discussing in a moment).

One of the things learned is adjusting to your audience – we had some goods on day 1 we wound up pulling because they were doing more harm than good, and I wound up staying up making pony-related button designs (which I am dang proud of) both nights, the first as an experiment, the second as the result of people wanting the other ponies instead of just the Dash thing I did.  I regret nothing, and have AJ affixed to my coat sleeve.  They are delightful and will wind up in the store sometime in the near future, so stay tuned for that!

As a result of the brony catering, I attracted the attention of one of the people organizing Everfree Northwest, who proceeded to tell me I need to get into the Artist Alley there as well.  Will Zaron be publicly showing off his Brony-ness?  Um, well…


You caught me.

This leads me to something else I’ve been dancing around.  Something that started as a song and has grown into my new venting project.  Something distinctively fanfictionish, which I’m a bit ashamed of, but screw it.  I am most likely starting a second, updates whenever webcomic about Lonely Hooves, a blank-flank grey pegasus who serves as my vessel to basically parody whatever the heck I want.  I went there.


There is some evidence to suggest I am already well into working on this.

So what does this mean?  Well, on top of my showing at Stumptown in Portland at the end of the month, there’s an incredibly high chance me and LM will be storming Seattle once more in August for Everfree.  I have more button designs up my sleeve and a print or two I want to do that I think that audience would appreciate, and Lonely’s adventures will hopefully entertain them as well as most of you guys (I seem to have a high brony percentage in my audience).  SoT shall continue as priority uno, while Lonely will likely continue siteless or at best as a subdomain for the moment.  We’ll see!  I am not officially announcing beans yet.  ;o

But yes.  ECCC was a lot of fun, I learned a lot, and it gave me the motivation I needed to reveal my weird secret project I’ve been poking at for a couple weeks.  There’s more of that and a store update on the way, so keep an eye on the blog here and I’ll keep you all posted! 😀

Until then!

New Art – Isolated

New art in the gallery!  I gave Tenla a bit of a reworking.  Realish braids!  Wearing clothes!  Weird eyeballs!

Also, a really nice looking tree, imo.

SoT#1 Preorders Open!

Oh yes oh yes and yay!  Let’s start the new year off on the right foot, shall we?

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!  We’re now back in full swing and with some degree of vengeance, because, in case you missed the nice giant new banner on top of the site, books are up for pre-order!

Books of what, you ask?

Well, these are the updated, cleaned up, printed, shiny versions of what launched last year as HP Redux, the new first chapter of the site, now recreated with smooth shades and a few abominable bits of line work and giant noses cleaned up or otherwise surgically fixed, plus a plethora of adorable little sketches, funny little comic strips, and a Q&A session with the cast, all crammed into 32 delicious pages of actual, tangible printed comic!  And if you order it before January 16th, your copy will be signed no matter what and come with at least one kinda cool little button you can stick on something of your choosing because ha ha free stuff!  Do go check it out!

There’s even a nice artist’s edition!  If you don’t plan to come buy crap from me in person come March, that’s your best way to get me to sketch in one of these for you!

The first 50 books going on sale are 1st editions and will be marked as such by yours truly, and will only be available via direct order from the site!  After the 16th, I’ll start setting up IndyPlanet orders for anyone where that might be the better situation for whatever reason to order from, but Artist Editions can only be gotten from said artist, so if you want that, you’ll have to order it from here! c:

I hope this is merely the first bit of excitement in the coming months~!  I have sorta plans!  And an artist’s alley table coming up in March!  And augh!

Overdue Update

Hey, guys!  I’ve kinda been neglecting the site blog and I know most of you don’t follow my Twitter or G+ or the forums or whatever the heck else I’m on in this social network crazed world.  Here’s a quick run-down on what’s going on:

“SoT#1 First Edition On Sale in September!” is what I would love to say I could have said two months ago instead of sitting here now no longer hearing back from ComixPress in the usual timeframe and having spent an hour in the “Paid, Ready for Print” queue.  I’m rather annoyed by this (the September first edition notice is in the book itself, and at this point I can’t really change it.  So yeah!

Once the book’s proof is here and I hopefully this time don’t find it horrendous, I’ll open up pre-orders and hope to have a decent incentive for you guys to get on that and give me all of your precious money.

Regarding money, my tablet has been replaced and I’ve been dabbling about with HP-related art, among other things, and you can find most of that over on my Google+ presently.  Once I’m warmed up proper again, I’ll be trying to finalize the site redesign so we can get this done.  As for the next chapter, that’s somewhat started already, so hopefully once everything’s ready we can re-launch, more or less, on a high note and start moving forward again. c:

I believe that is all for hamster-related things.  You are now in the loop again!  Hooray!