This is the Guide, your one-stop shop for assorted bits of HP info you may have forgotten or may just be curious enough to learn in the first place.  This beast is a constant work in progress, so forgive the broken links and such.  Links on this page should always work, though, so if they don’t, do let me know.  It’s the ones in the entries that may try to reference pages that don’t exist yet.  😡  So remember, if it’s not linked to here, it probably doesn’t actually exist yet!

Latest Updates:

Chapter Summaries:

  1. The Journey Begins
  2. The Rodbearer and the Bandits
  3. Origins of the Rodbearer
  4. Hostage
  5. Of Mice and Hot Cocoa
  6. Invasion of the Phen Region
  7. Rhythm of Freedom
  8. Electric Enemy
  9. Family Matters
  10. Into the Arena
  11. Fragments


The Caravan:

The Band:

The Villains:



  • Mialo
  • Sharet



  • Haron
    • Green and Endless Hills
    • Crosond
      • The Cog
      • The Arena
    • HP Homestead
  • Tomed
    • Phen
    • Tomed Wall
  • Maron


  • Coming Soon!