Completed Projects:

  • Draliens: An old arcade-style shooter wherein you shoot aliens with lasers of their own color.¬† Starts easy, gets incredibly hard, just as an arcade should. ūüėČ
  • Candeh Chaos: Do you like candy?¬† Do you like chaos?¬† Do you like commanding fairies to beat the crap out of a cranky red clock-like object that won’t stop chasing you around like the little pest he is?¬† If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this game is for you!
  • Revival: Exploration-based platformer. ¬†Stranded on a desolate planet, you find yourself trapped in a dark world with no direction. ¬†Can you figure your way out?

Ongoing Projects:

  • Lost World Lucy: ¬†Raid an ancient temple and bust caps into zombie pig heads as they try to delay you long enough for you to be caught by the ever-rising wall of fire coming up behind you! ¬†Can Lucy escape? ¬†Almost certainly no!

Recent Updates:

Aug. 2011: Another year, another hastily made project! ¬†Is this to become a habit? ¬†Maybe? ¬†Lost World Lucy¬†is up and running as a result of my participation in Ludum Dare 21! ¬†It’s an arcade shooter and quite possibly shall have updates in the future, so your feedback can possibly help shape how the game evolves! ¬†How neat.

For those who still keeps tabs on the HamstaPowah RPG Engine¬†and as a direct result of that Urakai, it’s still not totally dead because it never is. ¬†I’ve not been focusing on the engine much of late, but have cranked out a couple new songs which tend to find their way onto my Newgrounds uploads eventually and have been doing some weird sprite experimentations! ¬†Like this!

It’s not perfect but definitely closer to what I’ve been after for the last, uh, few years now? ¬†Geeze, I take forever. ¬†Point being, my idea for bringing my sprites to life is functional, but my animation skills need a lot of refining before they’ll be where I want them. ¬†All the same, big bit of progress in my mind.

But yes. ¬†Assets and experiments continue to happen. ¬†While it still sits on Game Maker, Erik keeps working away at PlaneShader in hopes of providing the world with a 2D engine built for the sort of madness I, uh, seem pretty bent on putting GM through. ¬†I have this weird thing for pulling off crap nobody else can really do, I guess? ¬†Regardless, I keep slowly poking at these things, and thank anyone who’s still interested after all this time! ¬†No promises on anything, as usual, but I continue to try and get the presentation up to standard and give myself the assets I need to make something¬†visually¬†playable while I’m at it.