The Rhythm of Freedom – Part 1
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June 11th, 2005

The Rhythm of Freedom – Part 1

November 4th, 2008.

Obama has been elected president, and I’ve crawled out of my hole long enough to pop some comments on this one.  First person to comment on this page is awesome slash letting me know when someone has actually read this.

I don’t know why J calls Hick “Hickey,” and I’d forgotten she ever did.  Now I want to have her do it again.  Possibly with reason to.  Don’t think too hard about it.

As the first page of the chapter, this sets the general idea of what Crosond looks like.  Granted, I get around to drawing it with more detail and life later.  I think the mass of brown and empty space is what led to people thinking there’s no technology in this world, which in turn probably got really confusing around the time the concert showed up, robots appeared, and, if that didn’t make it through to anybody, there was a big ol’ TV in Sam’s hotel room.  Really, though, the basic appearance of Crosond is as it is here – tan, stone buildings with odd tapestries in the windows and doors more often than not.  There are exceptions to the rule, but it’s kind of a bum town, especially considering it’s the nation’s capital.

Who knows, maybe one day there’ll be a guide entry on it.  I’ve been really lazy with that thing.