Invasion of the Phen Region – Part 4
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May 2nd, 2005

Invasion of the Phen Region – Part 4

I am now out of commentary from the old site. And it only took two years to get it all up here! Aren’t you all proud of me?! 😀

Yeah, I really didn’t think so.

So now I’ve gotta come up with new stuff for all of these. Yowza. I still didn’t use a proper saturation filter on this to make the color/gray transistion, but at least I didn’t screw this one up. Let’s see, what else… Hickory ruins tender moments and that’s the last we see of Hiaté’s mother! 😀

I started getting questions around this point like “Is there anyone in this story whose parents are NOT dead?” So let’s answer this. Hickory and Mark have parents, but were disowned. Hiaté still has her father, who will debut someday, and it will be a wonderful day for me because I love the dude and so far he’s made one cameo. I’m talking by page 150, here. I’m undecided on Snowy, Tracy ran away, Darin’s an orphan, Gwen I don’t know yet either, and Drummah really has zero history of interest at this point because I just don’t think about his past much. Later on we see Sarai and her mother, who stay together from that point on, so that one’s obvious. So, yes, there are some dead mom and pops, but for the most part they’re still around, but may be crappy influences. Hope that ends that debate once and for all. XD