Invasion of the Phen Region – Part 3
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May 1st, 2005

Invasion of the Phen Region – Part 3

This page actually had no commentary besides “Find this on DA lawl” and something about how I liked the red border thing, which I’ve got to admit still looked pretty neat, even though my ability to properly clean things at this point is still disgusting to me now.

The mysterious figure looking over the village made the surprise in the long run about a certain villain role all the more entertaining to me. Nobody knew who that was? I won’t ruin it for any first-timers, bt still. NOBODY knew. My favorite hints at future events are the blatantly obvious ones nobody gets.

Anybody noticing they ride birds? No, they’re not chocobos or any such BS. Those are just birds. Birds with ornate feathers I put there because, quite obviously, I know jack about real birds. Grandparents do, they didn’t complain, so I guess that thing is… feasible? Anyway, I like it…