Invasion of the Phen Region – Part 2
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April 30th, 2005

Invasion of the Phen Region – Part 2

“Woo, this one’s violent… but it was actually really fun to draw. I don’t do these sorts of scenes, or even the expressions within, very often, so it was like, “Wow, I didn’t know I could even remotely attempt to do this…” Yet it came out rather well, I think. Seeing how snapping necks and dead bodies aren’t my strong suit.

The flashback scenes are taking increasingly longer to draw. One panel of the next page took me nearly an hour, and really isn’t all that great, but I’m trying to get more background detail in. This particular page was a pain for the non-panel of Gjorian and Jamal (did anyone catch that that was Jamal?) and a couple panels simply not liking the wand tool. That clean black background was so easy the first time around, but it’s trying to get aggravatingly harder every go. But that’s fine. It gave me some new things to try out.

For example, take the funky picture of Gjorian’s face in the corner of the… non-panel. (I call it this because there is no box or background at all…) It was a hand-drawn close up of Gjorian’s face until I found out “There’s no way I can do this with the wand tool or,..” *slip and cut off Gjorian’s nose while the rest just looks funky* “… by hand with the eraser. Soooooo…” I traced it over and then copied the layer here and there for that weird look it has now. I like that weird look. It seems fitting. I couldn’t tell you how, it just does. I think it was a white drop shadow with Knock-out turned on so the original didn’t show, just the shadow. Looks nifty, I think…

The make-shift bg for that panel was a basic fill with a feathered edge as not to make it abrupt. Woot. Funny gradient fills are amusing”

Congratulations, sir, your editing skills are appalling. The fact I was that terrible not three years ago makes the fact that I learned almost no editting tricks in my first college term I didn’t already know all the more entertaining. Really, two years with the tablet helped a lot, I think. That and it came with Photoshop. Until I got Photoshop, Fireworks was the hot stuff, and it still does some cool stuff I jsut haven’t found anywhere else, like that gradient in the non-panel thing.

But the saddest part is that two years later, I still don’t know what to call that besides a “non-panel.”