Into the Arena – Part 60
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November 9th, 2009

Into the Arena – Part 60

A large part of me wants to dub this the official start of this chapter’s “second act.”  Honestly, I was tempted to divide the Arena into two chapters, if only to make it look less imposing in the end for the archives.  The stage is finally set, everything is right where I’ve wanted it, really, since bringing the arena into play, and now things start progressing towards the conclusion of things.  We’re a ways off from the finale of this bit, mind, but we’re certainly beyond the half-way point.

If it sounds like a big fat chapter, that’s because it is (and unlike the last chapter’s spiderbot affair the arena’s girth was actually planned).  This is the climax of the Crosond arc, which has been running the majority of the comic’s lifespan, and one of the two major battles between the comic’s start and the actual showdown in Phen. The arena has always been kinda a big deal.

So far you guys seem to be enjoying it, for the most part, so I’m gonna go ahead and say, “so far, so good.”  I hope the arc continues to hold everyone’s interest, and hope I can continue providing entertainment for you all. :)