Invasion of the Phen Region – Part 1
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April 29th, 2005

Invasion of the Phen Region – Part 1

“I’ve learned some new tricks since the last flashback. The fact of the matter is, flashbacks are where most of my tricks are learned. Since I do flashbacks entirely in pencil, I have to help people who expect color be content. I did this before simply with the flashbacks. Also, I would color Urakait red and the eyes of their hosts the same. This time around I don’t plan to do that.

What I AM doing is Using tones for the scenes. After playing with it, I’ll probably stick with the aged paper look that the Sepia Tone filter gives me before I mess with the values it passes through the Hue and Saturation. Red looks… crappy. Maybe with a bit more contrast…? I have ideas. However, I’ve added in solid black backgrounds via digital editing (a royal pain on the next page…), which gives me freedom to try some other things I’ll discuss in the next commentary. I’ve been tinkering.

Gjorian’s cool. What’s so great about him is that he is an idea that really just came out of nowhere. I just drew him into existance because I needed somebody to lead the Tomed Army at the gates. However, as he continued to be sketched into things, it became rather apparent that somewhere in the back of the mind this little creature was begging for a history. Heck, he’s got half his face missing, one ear, and half a limb has been replaced by a metallic muscle of some sort. My theory is I’m having way too much fun with this right now.”

MAY 2010: Gjorian is cool because he is covered in mechanical parts and completely pointless tattoos.  Also, anyone with a name that hard to say, by rule, is a complete bad@$$.