Of Mice and Hot Cocoa – Part 7
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April 24th, 2005

Of Mice and Hot Cocoa – Part 7

“I thought I’d do something special for people seeing how I’d passed the 50 marker and all. This took eight days. I refuse to say anything else because there’s little I can say without starting up old fires again. There was a lot of fires… >.>”

Fires being Tsuk complaining about how bright the grass was, and me defending myself with the fact that there was nothing wrong with using pallette colors.

Now the only pallette colors I ever use are your paint primaries. Blue is versatile. Red is retardedly common. Yellow is… actually, I don’t use any of them all that much outside of eyes. Tsuk was right, it hurts, I acknowledge that now, but he’ll never quit giving me a hard time about it. Hell will freeze over and he will rise from the depths of Maine (because we all know Maine is in Hell) on his iceberg, which will be that exact shade of green, and he will point at me and laugh.

And then I will ask him how he managed to get the ice that color.

And there will be a very, very akward silence.

May 2010: Aside from that being evidence of my ability to hold a grudge, that is a deliciously colorful visual.

Oh, yes, I just complimented myself with a pun.