Of Mice and Hot Cocoa – Part 5
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April 22nd, 2005

Of Mice and Hot Cocoa – Part 5

Cyberweasel thought a Hiaté combo would be cute. He believes that Sam will get paired with J’Aime, however, and that upsets him. So… which WILL I do? You’ll all find out as things go on. I can’t be too predictable with anything, you know. I try to keep you on your toes. 😛

Everyone loved Hickory’s little performance in this one. XD Leave it to a nut like me to make a squirrel ruin a serious conversation. Still, people got the gist of things while staying entertained, which I suppose is my long-term goal in things.

People took this one well. I was expecting certain… comments about things. But they didn’t happen, which makes me happy and further promotes me not pointing out what those things may have been. No need to draw attention to them. This is good… >.>

Update (July 31, 2007): I half expect Zone to post the lowest-left panel all over the forums now, screaming something about naked Sam. I really do.

So when I see the old commentaries, I read them in a nasally voice. A nasally, uncertain voice that you really want to shove in a dumpster and laugh at. I think these are back from when people still thought I had some degree of self-confidence.