Of Mice and Hot Cocoa – Part 1
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April 18th, 2005

Of Mice and Hot Cocoa – Part 1

The original commentary for this page was so terrible I’m actually rewriting this whole thing. It is two and a half hours from being August 2007 here, and this page is, at this point, really really old. But my computer is down and I have nothing better to do right now anyway.

So, really, all that was here of importance the first time around was my astonishment at how there were no people thinking I was trying to imply that all the previous battle events were just a dream or something. Looking at this now and using half an ounce of logic, I know why that is, and if I ever get a time machine, I’m going to cause my own life of depression by going back in time and laughing at myself. Well, maybe not, but you get my point I hope.

I would like to say that Jamal looks lame, and one day soon he will be coming back into play, and hopefully be less stupid looking. /: