Hostage – Part 12
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April 17th, 2005

Hostage – Part 12

People didn’t like this one too much, as it was teh short. 😛 What are you gonna do when you have a sequence of actions that need to be played out? It’s one of the most foul things about being the author of a comic. Where as writers could easily have made a good page or two of text out of this scene, comic authors rely on something that I’m noticing isn’t very effective anymore.

We rely on the pictures.

I’m not saying Renegade didn’t look at this when he stated it was too short. I think my readers probably, for the most part, actually know how to read comics. Half of them MAKE comics, so they know how things work. But, really, I’ve had too many people not understand things because they look almost entirely at the words. What does this produce? Let’s take a peek.

“‘Shall we begin?’ Shaaaa! ‘ Guard!’ ‘Fool!’ Kow Shak Koom!” Then I think they could get the last panel pretty easily. Except they won’t understand much about how she lost. I have had people read my stuff out loud to me like this. It makes me feel like a failure when all of my readers I can actually see face to face are speed readers who honestly won’t look at the pictures unless I yell at them to.

If I wanted people to speed read through my stuff, I’d write more novels. As it stands, I work sporatically on the Imagion Online Novel, but that’s pretty much it. I do this. And through this I’ve learned to love the internet. Out there somewhere are people who actually know how to read comics. In this corner of the planet, we hardly know how to read period. It’s depressing how hard it is for people to just sound out a word around here. If it isn’t Harry Potter, for some reason half the people here are afraid of it. No wonder I have such a hard time finding a book store. Everyone who actually reads books is in a funeral home.

Aside from my ranting, I think this one came out alright. I tried a lot of things I usually don’t bother to attempt, though it’s hard to notice for most, probably. Next week starts a new chapter, and I’ll finally get around to the other half of Hiaté’s history. As it stands, I have finally finished the bloody bandits story arc! No more bandits! For now. I mean, yeah, I have to explain what happened to them, but now there’s nothing else going on, I can return to Hiaté’s past, and then it’s on to Crosond with a new protagonist joining the travelling caravan! Woot! *twitch*

Final Rating: 12 points from 3 total votes. 4, B
MAY 2010: You think they’re whining now, past self?  Hur!  In the future, you’ll assign entire pages to a single shot of someone blowing something or someone else up, if that much, and people will like it because crap explodes. Oh, and more that 5 people that followed you over from Squidi will read this.  One of your fans will host the site for you, the post process will be automated, and your readership will hit triple-digits.

That almost makes up for the bad news before, right?  Of course it did. I remember all too well when ten readers seemed like a lot.  Granted, I’ve also spent the last two years trying to break two-hundred to no real avail, but hey, you get the point.  It comes in steps, sir.  It comes in steps.

Also, apparently I’m going insane because I keep talking to myself.