Hostage – Part 9
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April 14th, 2005

Hostage – Part 9

Stress relief = beating your fursona senseless? Maybe.

Does anyone remember a rather simple fact? For reiteration: Hamsters don’t swim well. Even that crap Hamtaro says so. But with HamstaPowah, it’s almost illogical for something so lacking in the knees department to be able to stay afloat very long without a lot of practice. More practice than they’ll get knowing the slightest current could be the end of them. Mice, on the other hand, have developed more humanesque appearance over time, at least for HP, and therefore are more apt for swimming, That’s not to say I won’t get some hamsters that CAN swim. I’m just not gonna be so cheap as to have it be that “Oh, wow! We can magically tread water!” or anything.

The action continues! CLICK THE NEXT BUTTON! No, really, do so. This page and the next run through each other in a sense that the first panel of the next may confuse you if you don’t look at the two together. It did it to Chris. Don’t let it do so to you!

EDIT 2010: And yet, I never mention how Jamal decides to give Sam a change of pace from being slammed into trees by slamming him into more trees. Truly my writing back then was the best ever.