Hostage – Part 8
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April 13th, 2005

Hostage – Part 8

MWA HA HA! Jamal looks so evil… Which is a good thing, as that was my initial plan. ^^

This one was rather nasty to draw. For starters, Sam hitting Jamal’s hand away with the stick. Most people got it, which is good, ’cause I was really afraid nobody would. The whole idea was to keep the arm from swinging at him with the knife with one hand and deck him with the other, and most everyone understood that actually communicated with me on it. So all is well.

On a more broad note, I just had some weird poses and angles to work with (That first panel? Yeah.) and had to do something I’m not overly practiced in, and that’s making something look evil instead of just looking merely pissed. I believe I succeeded, giving Jamal’s host a grossly distorted face that comes to mind to as how one would look possessed, which is fitting considering the situation.