Hostage – Part 6
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April 11th, 2005

Hostage – Part 6

I got back in my groove for this one, which makes me happy. Also, I think I’ve found somebody to hamstafy (or mousify, in this case) that actually knows how to use a stick. Via inside jokes and plot consistancy, that means I now have somebody to teach Sam how to actually use that stick right.

On another note, one can sort of tell I left off on the last page sooner than I’d wanted. If you were to line up this page with the last, the last panel would seem to go on the former. But alas, I ran out of room, and wanted to show Mopoko deflating so I’d quit getting comments about flatulence and make everyone shut up. Morons. High school is a perverted place to get educated, I say. Not the best setting.

Color, lining, dialouge… all in all, not much to complain about. I like this one in general. DOES JOO? *dun dun duuunnnn*

MARCH ’06 EDIT: Quit seeking so much approval, you twit. It’s one reason everybody rather dislikes us. D:

The knight depiction fits me as much today as it did then, and shall continue to in the future. I’m single, ladies. *eyebrow raise thing*