Hostage – Part 4
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April 9th, 2005

Hostage – Part 4

Seeing how this one and the previous both were things I felt proud of, one would guess it’s only a matter of time until I bomb it and make a crappy page. It’s a balance of life thing. Clicking the next button will lead you to a page I myself feel crappy about. Enough so to post it on DA and open it to insult. But that’s a commentary for that, not this.

The flashback/current event combination made people happy on this one. I myself was glad that I got in an exlpanation in as to why J&S travel together.

On that note, let me state that the J&S here are not the same as the J&S in real life. I do not wish Lebanon and all of our families to burn. And, furthermore, my ears aren’t quite that big and I don’t beat things with sti– Never mind, yes I do…

As for hamster proportions, let me just say that the arms suck. If you don’t believe me, notice how long their lengths change. I need to work on that. Arms aren’t arm length, more like elbow length. It’s also hard to pose something with a severe lack of knees, as one can see in the last panel of this. So pardon the inconsistancy. I need to fix that soooo much…

Pardon any typos, I have no time currently to proof read this…

MARCH ’06 EDIT: No typos, really, but some confusing grammar.

Ha ha, my arm looks funny. But I still like this page.