Hostage – Part 3
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April 8th, 2005

Hostage – Part 3

I remembered to use the Urakait font on this one! Yay for me!

Is it a crime to have fun doing these? ‘Cause I’m in that state a lot lately. Probably because I’m getting to a point where a history and story are starting to form around the characters. And I get the occasional feedback. That always helps. Not to mention we’re finally starting to climb the list again. We’ve been dropping a lot, so the climcing as of late is amusing in itself.

This page and the next kind of go together as one whole segment, I suppose, which is fine because I posted the next page three days after I posted this one. (I had to fill in space whilst I would be away, right?) But this page introduces the history of me and J’s hamster selves. That’s right, J, Hiaté isn’t the only one here with a past. Get used to it. MWA HA HA! Though if someone wasn’t just browsing through the Archieves for the first time, they’d probably know that I’m not doing anything particularly wrong with the history… Just go to the next page already…

MARCH ’06 EDIT: I read this over and can now say I’ve successfully confused myself. o.o;