Hostage – Part 2
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April 7th, 2005

Hostage – Part 2

I think I’ve finally gotten color speed backgrounds done. I say this because I liked Hiaté’s background for the Sky’s Fury call so much that I used it again on the next installment for my fursona’s (Sam learned a new word! Yay!) tissy fit.

This one was also semi-fun to do. I finally got “Poofers” in there. Sheesh. That’s hamster profanity, yo. Only difference between it and real profanity is that hamster profanity sounds funny and probably won’t get you in trouble with certain authority figures and mothers.

Also note the rare instance of a hand-drawn sound effect. Rare thing anymore, that. But I don’t have any good font for that sort of thing, and the personal touch does it good, anyway…