The Journey Begins – Cover
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March 1st, 2005

The Journey Begins – Cover

Greetings, all!

If you’re reading this you’ve hit the archives no less than six years since I started this thing.  That said, the early pages aren’t too great, but there still aren’t that many as I hadn’t actually buckled down on a schedule until a couple years ago.

If you’re new, the Guide might be worth checking out – I’ve been rather lazy about it but do sporadically actually add to and/or update the thing.  Someday that’ll cover it all.  Oh yes!  But until then it’s pretty bare bones.  I should update this later when that’s less the case…

(EDIT: There’s some nice chapter guides in there now, too.  If you’d like to skip ahead a bit and catch up to the present pages a little faster, I’d recommend hitting this up first.  On the other hand, if you’d like to dodge spoilers, you’ll have to stick with the old pages until Redux is finished. 😉 )

That said, the comic has since come a long way – this cover was initially intended for a redux of the following original chapter or two until my laptop decided it would be funny to explode and my tablet followed suit.  S’not been a good year.  However, there’s all sorts of hubbub going around the site, talk of a new forums and complete new skin and all manner of jovial times.  So I figured, why not?  Let’s put this up here.

I hope you enjoy the story and stick around for more! : )

– Zaron; April 24, 2009
(Edit on Dec. 12, 2009)