Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 15
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April 5th, 2005

Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 15

Woot. The first hint at how things are outside of this little scene in the HP world shows near the start of this. You’ll get what I’m talking about as time goes on, so don’t sweat it if you’re a bit lost as to why Sam reacted the way he did to Hiaté’s comments.

I also got in that Hiaté never finished her training. I haven’t gone that far in the flash backs, but I will once everything settles with the bandits and then nobody can complain about cliffhangers and sudden scene switches. 😛

AUGUST ’05 EDIT: “That day” refers to her grandpa referring to the day that would come where she’d have to fight the Urakait. Y’see? Dunno why I never said that in the commentary with so many people being confused and all.