Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 13
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April 3rd, 2005

Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 13

Hiaté’s first encounter with a Urakait! EGADS!

The main point here was to not only introduce Hiaté to the Urakait, but also to make the point that Urakait are the things that were coming out of the bandits way back when.

So that’ll make sense to people strolling through the Archeives now. Not that many do. I wonder just how many new readers I end up with every so often, seeing how I keep falling on the top list. For some reason I have a problem growing that no other real web comic can claim to have… Maybe because I don’t have any friends with great successful ones that can advertise for me. 9E and SoMT have each other, most every site I go to talks about another, Squidi has conspiracy, I have… nothing. Me and Zeph advertise each other, but we both get so much readership, a lot of good it does for either of us. XD Oh, well. It’ll pay off one day. One of us’ll get all well known, and the other will be able to grow off of it, and there will be balance. Or something like that.

In short, I’m flinging crap again…

Yeah, but, see, that’s okay, because crap reigns supreme around here. Just ask the squirrel. Gives me an idea for next April… >.> Ahem…

I look at this and feel pride. Probably because for all that whining I did then, the last couple months have been probably the fastest growth I’ve ever had in a fan base (a good side effect of that youth camp thing and now having friends who know people I don’t!), which in turn has resulted in me not only CLIMBING the top lists, but being in the top 100 f both for the past many days, with me passing two comics I always considered fairly popular rivals. THANKS, GUYS!