Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 12
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April 2nd, 2005

Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 12

The only real response I got on this one is that Haren looks funny in the first panel of the last row. That would be my lack of experience in the area of what Zeph called “perspective shots”. I’m horrible at such things. But that’s besides the point.

Anyways, yeah… Does everyone get the significance of Haren’s eye yet? If not, number 30 will ber slap in the face on how this long flashback has completely taken away your knowledge of my visual cues. Not your fault, though. I’ve just drug this out too long. Which is why this fight is only taking three installments instead of ten or something like that. I’m sparing you all. That and I kinda just want to get the bandits over with already so I can get to something more interesting… like… I dunno… all the cool fantasy environments I’ve got planned out and the history of the world and what not.

In case you’re not noticing, there’s gonna be a lot of flashbacks for the start of this. Mainly because I sorta just jumped into things and nobody knows why there’s all this fighting and why the comic’s called what it’s called and why various animals can talk and wear clothes and take on humanoid-ish appearances. It will make sense. So far, though, the only clue I’ve given is Haren saying something about the “Medieval Age of Man”.