Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 5
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March 26th, 2005

Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 5

I enjoyed doing this one. I especially enjoyed doing that last panel… =D I enjoy doing the series as a whole, tho, and the competition of the top list makes it all the more rewarding, and all together, I currently am not planning on stopping anytime soon. Granted, I may never finish. I mean, look how long it’s taking me to get through the bandits. And the bandits is followed by Crosond, which is followed by *insert spoiler here* and all sorts of stuff. Heh… And people are asking me if this is anywhere near done. NO. So settle your worries that the whole series will be over by number 50 or something. By number 50, Hiaté *might* be telling about how exactly her parents died and the other stuff in the second half of this flash back (It can’t be all one big flashback. I mean, there *is* a fight going on…)

On a side note, Zephron now finds it hard to believe I don’t like Harry Potter, leaving me to assume there’s some similarity or other between this and that… but… I don’t know anything outside of what was in the first movie, and that’s from when it was new. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some influence… I mean, listen to the Urakait Theme and then listen to the Beast Plains song on FFIII (or VI, depending on who you’re talking to. In America, it was III). And I hadn’t played for at least two years when I wrote that song. Creepy.

But I still hate the Hairy Pothead. Then again, I hate anything the culture hugs and embrace most of what they scoff, and these days that keeps me morally healthy. Think about it. Culture is hugging more and more garbage, so I retaliate by hugging good things. And making Hello Kitty jokes. And that is a depressing subject for another time…

For reading this long, I reward you. Anyone who’s been trying to figure out the title of the old man’s book feel relief. It reads “Teaching Noobs for Old Guys”. It was gonna be “Teaching Noobs for Old Guys Who Forget Their Own Names”, but alas, I ran out of room.

EDIT: For those wondering, the Urakait Theme presently isn’t uploaded anywhere (should probably fix that…), and I care less about Harry Potter nowadays than when I hated him. I simpy don’t care at all anymore. *shrug* Never finish long books these days anyway… >.> *stares at the book he was reading before he got into Narrative Studies* … Yup…