Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 4
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March 25th, 2005

Origins of the Rodbearer – Part 4

So… Somebody said the bronze plate thing for boxes made the whole flashback feel work all the better. So I played with things. Flashbacks have color sound effects. And, thanks to Fireworks, I can do real cool looking sound effects…

Anyway this is the one that hides in the computer desk now. I promptly did a stupid thing with it after scanning it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get away with it, and my paper fell into the hollow wooden desk, to a portion I can’t really get to with out an axe. Which wouldn’t go over well with this pricey desk… so the original copy is lost until I can figure out how to get this drawer out… *sigh*

See that shine in Hiaté’s eyes? That was on purpose. If anyone interprets it as evil, sorry. It’s supposed to be her love of a challenge, something that will become more and more apparent as time goes on. Her personality: serious but not above having a bit of fun with it. At least, that’s the current plan…