Into the Arena – Part 16
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December 15th, 2008

Into the Arena – Part 16

Ha ha holy crap.  :’D   Lots of evil perspectives on a surprisingly tricky backgound with torches as the only but numerous light source.  This took forever to do.

Next week is filler,  but dang fine filler if all goes according to plan.  This actually has nothing to do with Christmas so much as it has to do with the box to ship the laptop out for repairs coming in in the next couple days.  I’ll be sans this thing for a couple weeks, but hopefully the impact on the site will be minimal whileI figure out what to do in the meanwhile.  I’d say you might want to keep an eye on the blog, consequently.  I’ll try and keep everyone posted down there, and at least keep the Christmas strips going during the downtime.  (I really miss automatic incentive updates, as when I don’t forget to upload the new ones it seems my internet goes down so I can’t get them up anyway.  I am trying…)

BUT YEAH.  I’m not happy about missing an update either, as I hadn’t for the entire chapter, putting me dangerously close to like 20 in a row on time, which would have felt pretty good.  But if the last couple months have taught anything it’s that crap happens, when it rains it pours, and I live in Oregon, so it rains a lot.

That made sense to me, anyway.

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