The Rodbearer and the Bandits – Part 9
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March 18th, 2005

The Rodbearer and the Bandits – Part 9

To not comment on this one would be to screw over what has to be at LEAST the second hardest, if not THE hardest, HamstaPowah drawing to date (we’re still talking May 2004 here, for those who don’t know I did the first 18 archieve pages in two freakin’ days…)

I’m running through this panel by panel.

First panel: Psh. I wsa lazy with that one.

Second panel: Not the best drawing ever, but time consuming all the same, and I like the pose. The background was fun for me, too.

Third panel: Yeah, it doesn’t look like much, but it sucked so much I had to draw it twice. You can still see where the old squirrel was. The panel, simple though it may be, was a pain to draw…

Fourth panel: I thank Yotem. His art reminded me that it can help to sketch in figures first before drawing them in detail. As a result, this panel took about two hours to draw. But it came out WONDERFULLY. I love it. The pose I wanted worked out just how I wanted, the color came out OK. My only beef is with the bandit’s hand. It came out funny, I think. Maybe I twisted it too much, I dunno. But that’s a tiny thing in a great panel as a whole…

Fifth panel: I blocked this one in too, though not as excessively. Considering I was trying to draw something I’d really never done anything like before, I think it came out OK.

Non-panel six: I was half-serious, half needing a break. I made my point with minimal detail and thus consumed as little extra time as possible. Not that something that tiny could have had much detail, anyway.

Next four: I haven’t done so much of a fight scene since FDS #6, and that one sucked! (Or was the Animclon Village raid better? It’s been too long…) I was having fun drawing the man getting hit upside the head, the chin bopper, you know.. the works. As for the red thing floating out of the squirrel, it will be important. Take note of it. No, the squirrel is not dead. A lot of people think that’s the squirrel’s spirit floating off or something, but does it look like a squirrel? No. I think not. I mean, a bit maybe, but not enough to be its ghost. At least, that’s what I think…

What remains is a zoom in on the leader as he turns around to see what’s going on, which I think turned out well, and the spirit things floating off in defeat.