Into the Arena – Part 9
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October 27th, 2008

Into the Arena – Part 9

A very… educational page for me.

I found the Painter equivalent of the smudge tool.  To make this tool work, I had to learn to dry digital watercolors.  Learning to do that led to me figuring out how to shade the walls without losing their texture.  Smearing led to fur patterns, blurring for the hotel shot (which took something like 3+ hours all together on it’s own), and don’t get me started on that background in the bottom I used the fur brush on because it is apparently a very complicated creature that really is a lot simpler than it sounds when someone explains all the little things it does.

Yes.  I learned a lot.  The hotel scene has three light sources, and the indoor shots with backgrounds really have two, so all in all it was a very complicated educational page, too.

So, yeah, i know Hickory’s not spouting nonsense and J’s not being comically mischievous and Hiaté is fully clothed again, but I hope you guys like it anyway.  We’re almost done with the tangent, I promise.