Into the Arena – Part 8
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October 20th, 2008

Into the Arena – Part 8

I was often pestered during the spiderbot stuff by people wondering what happened to Hickory.  I honestly wanted to get him into the events there, but couldn’t find a time where it would be appropriate and really wanted that giant chapter done so we could get on to this one after something like two years on the Family Matters crap.  (Not the show, no Erkel for you guys.)

So yeah, here the poor guy is, neglected, but letting us know he’s still alive and providing fan service.  I know we’ve had the topless mouse and… well, J’Aime as a whole for some time now, but Hickory is his own fanservice.  His own that is going to be represented someday by LM, who desires strongly to have a Hickory costume, and wear it to conventions, and hand out edible “snail poo” samples.  I’m not sure how much of that was me coming up with stupid ideas and how much of that was completely him, but so far he has, if I recall, the teeth.  If you know where to find something like a giant gray fur suit you think would work, do let us know.

Speaking of LM, he provided the final couple lines on the page.  It’s a good thing for you guys because my original script for this one was kinda crappy.  :/  But i feel it’s a lot better all around in flow and such and liked LM’s idea when I threw out “If Hickory walks in on these guys, what’s his reaction?”  I liked it enough that I stole it blatantly, and worked it into what I had, and refined them together into a nice happy page that I don’t feel is clunky poo.

Lazy backgrounds for the win, by the way.