The Rodbearer and the Bandits – Part 3
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March 12th, 2005

The Rodbearer and the Bandits – Part 3

Hey, the first drawing of the Rod had ancient text-like stuff on it… humph… Well, I suppose that changed. And so did the girl, again, but she’ll stabalize here soon when the color comes around.

Plotwise, more of Hick’s character shows, and the girl proves she can talk. Oh, and yes, a dagger is shoved in her face from nowhere. That’s always fun.

This is one of those ones I drew on crap paper near the end of Sophmore year or something. The last two or three were, actually. That’s when the comic officially started going, too, as before that things were very sporadic (and would hardly be any less so for quite some time afterwards… #18 marked the comic going onto scheduled weekly updates, and those remained unbroken until senior year finals, delaying the start of the Crosond chapter by a few days).