Into the Arena – Part 4
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September 22nd, 2008

Into the Arena – Part 4

A bit wordy but I suppose that helps balance the brevity of the last one.

Magical kickback!  On the list of “good things to know,” I suppose.

I’m very glad i could continue as normal regardless of the tablet crapping out on me.  The only thing that really bothers me on this page at the moment is that darn rug.  It’s just either way too out of place or perspectively decimated.  Maybe both.  I’ll live somehow, I guess, as regardless it beats a bare floor.  I’m trying to give backgrounds a smidge more detail as time goes on, which is why Crosond has gone from crappy boxes with windows to something almost resembling a town of some sort that reflects the level of technology I was after, more or less.  I’m happy with the progress, even if the city itself isn’t quite to the level of detail I’ve dreamt of it being.  Maybe someday…  Being Haron’s capital, we’ll see it fairly often, I think, so I’ll have chances in the future to make this place look up to snuff.  Getting closer all the time.