I’m forcing myself to update the blog.  ‘Cause is dang old blog before it and we need to let people know I’m alive and stuff.  Also i still haven’t found the post max before it starts taking these off the front page.  May need to go manually alter that one.

Um… updates are being scheduled for Mondays.  You’ve probably noticed.  If you haven’t tried it, the caledar shows you everything that’s been done on any give month if you flip through it, from pages to blog posts and such or whatever.  It’s handy.

The forums seem to be in a bit of a visual funk, so I’m guessing Mage’s ancient image hosting account imploded at long last and I’m due to make new images for the place.  My laziness delays that but hardly anybody’s hangin’ around the forums anyway.  Nobody’s commenting much around here either.  Is something broken?  O_o  I should probably update the guide too…

Random con photo time? I think it’s well overdue. I have no idea who this guy is, but he was into it, and cool.

And my axe!

And my axe!

I’ve a lot of these but hey let’s make these last they’re fun.