Into the Arena – Part 2
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September 8th, 2008

Into the Arena – Part 2

this page was frustrating.  Incredibly frustrating.  Who knew Sam cracking his neck alone would result in two sketches, two and a half outline drafts, three new heads, four new layers to move him so the perspective wouldn’t make him huge…

And then I cheated.  I broke down and used Photoshop to put the highlights on the ceiling and make Sam look as close to the balcony entrance as he was.  Turns out if you turn the grain up on the digital watercolors they quit blending and just start lifting color. So I may start using Photoshop more anyway because, let’s face it, I love how Painter looks in essence, I like the color blending and organic feel, but we have magic and explosions, and so far those haven’t looked so hot.  So I guess I’m gonna start mixing the programs more and more to make things look better.  Any feedback as this process goes would be appreciated.

All in all, glad to have this page out of my face, and as I write this it’s 3 AM on Wednesday, so way ahead of schedule.  I’m totally working on something else for a bit.  =3=

And in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve kinda gotten comfortable with Painter now and have settled on Mondays.  See ya next week~