The RodBearer and the Bandits – Part 2
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March 11th, 2005

The RodBearer and the Bandits – Part 2

Forgot her ponytail again…

Anyway, this starts to explain who the girl is, as well as lets you all in on Hick’s name(s) and Oozer.

This one is like a landmark to what little fan base I currently have. Nobody actually calls Hickory by his name anymore. Everyone refers to him as “Spaz!” I find it funny. Everyone actually believes he’s from Mars, too, but sooner or later it’ll become very obvious that the inhabitants of Haron and its neighbors aren’t exactly capable of space-travel. Hick is an Earthling. Though he could pass as an alien sometimes. He’s a strange one…

Also, I feel a lot of character development got done here with both Hick and J. J’s spaz nature comes out quite well. Which was the real joke here, tho nobody honestly seems to get it. J is calling Hick a spaz, but who’s spontaniously kicking whom upside the head?