My Heart Gets Stomped Like A Baby Kitten

Yeah, me and LM went and saw Hamlet 2.  The first half or so is strictly so-so as comedy goes, but has a decent plot, and the second half where the play is going on is freaking hilarious and awesome with great songs like “Raped in the Face” and “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.”  Labor Day or not, that theater deserved a larger crowd for a movie that’s been out less than a week.  Fairly entertaining.

And that’s where the title is from, but it is not without purpose that I choose to quote Hamlet 2, for I honestly feel a bit empty. Kumoricon ended today, and not much went on, so for the most part we slept, watched TV, hit the mall, and watched that movie.  Tomorrow we start heading home, but it feels kind of sad.  The people in costumes are gone, the life and crowds have given way to empty, pristine hallways, and catgirls are no longer dancing to Caramell in the lobby in the wee hours of the morning.  It took em about an hour to get used to having that around me, and now a full day of it being gone later I still can’t shake the feeling something’s wrong, missing. I’m assuming this means I enjoyed myself, and it was a pretty enjoyable trip, and I’m actually really bummed it had to end.  I wasn’t the most active by any means, mostly people-watching, but it seems that just as I was getting totally comfortable with it it went away.  Some people even approached me with interest in my drawing, and LM had to do the talking because I just kinda felt a bit embarrassed… I do that.  LM has adopted the title of Business Manager, in any case.

We did some panels, only a couple of which weren’t that good (a Copic marker course would do well to actually do what it said and teach me how to use them, not tell me they’re better than Prismas and not know what you’re doing and calling digital art cheating… both methods have advantages and different approaches, neither traditional or digital is necessarily better, please teach me to use the darn markers, or at least keep the class from rioting… It was a substitute last-minute teacher).  Artist’s Alley 101 was very informative for what I hope to do next year, and Webcomics 101 I attended partly out of curiosity and partly to gain any insights I hadn’t known, and the panelist there was a really neat guy, Kenneth Siefring, who also did the Catgirls & Catboys panel, and runs a comic called Catboy at the Con.  He envied my two-sided full color cards LM printed until 3 am the day before we left next to his plain white with a little green and brown on one side ones, but his readership by the sound of things is kicking my tuckus so I’d call that one even.  While I’ve not taken the time to read through it yet, since the guy is pretty funny in person I’ve fair hopes that the comic is likewise entertaining and if nothing else you should give it a gander.  ;D

Altogether a very enjoyable experience, and if you’re one of the 20 or so people who took a card, hello, thanks for stopping by, you’re one of the reasons my first convention experience was a good one, and I hope you stick around.  :)  Hope to see you all again next year!

P.S. – No, we haven’t forgotten pictures.  LM has a fair load of them from everything from buying a TV because the hotel one doesn’t let us plug the Wii or PS2 into it to various cosplayers (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and, sadly, only an OK pic of the dude with the horse head, who was incredibly creepy and incredibly awesome, as opposed to male Winry, which was mostly just incredibly creepy (if not well-done all the same).  Stay tuned, we’ll get those up here yet.  ;D