Into the Arena – Part 1
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September 1st, 2008

Into the Arena – Part 1

And it begins.

That fisheye attempt on the first panel can go crawl under a rock and die.  It’s not awful, but I hoped for better.  I guess laziness won, but I like it better than the original generic shot of the city I had in mind on the thumbnails…

Yes, thumbnails.  Had a hard time getting the start of this thing down, so I’ve thumbnailed and scripted the first four pages, and since this chapter kinda keeps up the pace from the robot attacks I’ll probably be doing that a lot to kinda make sure I keep at a plan.  Try and avoid the blatant writer’s block this time the MWF stuff caused.  D|

Anyways, attempted to make natural lighting kind of matter on this one.  Yay, moon.  Yay lots of purple and blue.  It’ll make sense why the last panel doesn’t have that once the next page is up…