Into the Arena – Cover
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August 27th, 2008

Into the Arena – Cover

After years of promises, the chapter is finally here!  I’d worry about living up to the hype if there was any.

At the time of writing, all I’ve got for the chapter is four thumbnails, but getting started is the hard part, then we get to where things finally start coming together and a few lingering questions get answered.  ;D  I’ve been looking forward to this bit for ages, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed dreaming it up.

If you’d like to see a clean version of the cover and skim the crowd for cameos, you can find it and a link to buy prints of it over at DeviantART.  Sorry it’s not in a bigger res for larger prints, but really Painter was barely running by the end of this as it was…

Prints Available!