Family Matters – Filler 1
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August 14th, 2008

Family Matters – Filler 1

It’s kind of tradition, for any newcomers amongst you, to do at least one random thing after a chapter ends.  If not, well… it should be.  I think Zone left the old fillers out when he copied the archive over, but frankly it’s just as well that he did, since… well, what I recall of them was mostly disturbing.  If you’re curious, there’s always the ComicGenesis site, which should have them all intact yet.  As a random bonus for those of you who have moved over, tho, and incentive for the stubborn, this chapter’s fillers will not only answer frequent reader questions, but only be here on the ComicPress site.  Feel special.

Guest starring Katie, Zone and Lardman’s randomly sketched pig form.  It’s been a long chapter, and there’s at least one more big question I want to address before we move on, but this seemed like a good random thing to throw out.  It’s been too serious around here lately.

EDIT:  Just to be clear, this page, and the fillers in whole, won’t count towards forum EX.  Sorry, dudes.  go harass LM to mae a new game or something.