Family Matters – Part 89
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August 4th, 2008

Family Matters – Part 89

Well, if I’m doing my math right, it looks like like I met my goal of a week to a page after all…

This was a harder page. Lots of character stacking and what not. Yet despite it all it seems a bit empty somehow with the colors… Maybe I just made verything too light, like Sam’s hair. Totally messed up on that one.

That said, still content. The story moves onward at a fair pace, and soon we’ll be doing something not-this-chapter. Which is long overdue. Also Sarai and Kamilia now have a last name, so hooray for that.

Kiris’ report should wrap up next update, I think (so hopefully next week if I can keep pace, and my work schedule this coming week may actually make that possible for once), and thus we can get started on the next chunk of story, the events leading up to the Stadium and the madness that unfolds therein. I’ve been dangling that carrot in front of you guys for like two or three years now so it’s about dang time.

As always, I like feedback. since the last page took half a week to even get the forum thread a reply, I’d like to remind everyone that there is a shout box below (and a Twitter now, actually), as well as the present location of the vote button on the right, which I would adore if everyone would pop in now and then to hit and earn me some love on Buzz. I’t s not so much about the extra exposure it could earn (though I do like exposure) as it is one of the ways I judge if anyone is reading this thing and likes it at all. That said, the forums are a fun place and at this point is like a circus with no clowns – not a whole lot is going on, but nobody’ going to scare the crap out of you, either. Well, except maybe me or Zone.

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