Consider it the Rough Draft

Hello again, or in general for those of you just joining us.

While I still consider the site to be a work in progress, it is no less linked to from the ComicGenesis page, so consider it kind of an open beta.  Tell me what you think of things, if something needs to be altered, whatever.  I’m still figuring out ComicPress’s little nuances but all in all the site is operational, comments are enabled as are user accounts, and I’m all for you people hopping around, screaming about typos and wether any given apge sucks, kicks butt, or shows it’s age worse than a senior citizen on a nude beach.

That said, the forums are still around, and I’ll be adjusting the rules for new page threads to account for comments on the front page as well.  As stated in the previous post, the games page is an all new affair, and things are still getting put up around here.  Feel free to look around.