The Journey Begins – Part 3
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March 7th, 2005

The Journey Begins – Part 3

This is a tiny, tiny page, comparatively. It made its point, though.

This is the squirrel’s intro. If you’re reading through for the first time, I won’t spoil the name for you. That comes later. But still, a hick squirrel with a snail pulling along a covered wagon? What was I thinking? I’m just getting started, folkies! B’sides, that hick of a squirrel is a fan favorite. The rest of the crew get their trademarks later, but this guy started off defined and fairly well developed, which is pretty good considering I just popped him out of nowhere for fun.

In terms of the art, the first picture of the squirrel is still my favorite. He looks pretty different than he’s been developing out to, but looks more like how I WANT him to… I suppose I’m still developing his appearance a bit, then, even so much later down the line than this.