Family Matters – Part 87
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July 11th, 2008

Family Matters – Part 87

Heeey I forgot this before. So here it is. Had to make an edit to the page anyway. Painter puts a bit of an embedded look around floating font layers, it seems, so, yeah, lesson learned, and I tried to… reduce the pain tremendously. Learned a few things about what does what best in terms of my programs and getting this ready for the web. 😐 As for the page itself, I am so very, very happy I won’t need to draw the robots every freaking page anymore, as they BORE ME SO VERY MUCH and yet are SO HARD TO NOT MAKE LOOK AWFUL. o___o Soon I can get back to villains with a little personality~ <3 And that will be nice. Laptop is in for repairs, on that note, so soon I should have an easier time… working… on about anything… >___>

It was Zone’s birthday on the 8th. You should totaly go harass him about that. Mage had one a week or two back, too. Mah peeps, they’re-a agin’. You could be my peeps too! The forums have room for many a peep yet. I’m gonna stop sayin’ “peeps” now.

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