The Journey Begins – Part 1
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March 5th, 2005

The Journey Begins – Part 1

(Please bear in mind that most of the commentary you’ll be reading was taken straight from my old archieves at the flyconline site. That having been said, they don’t pay heed to you all reading these at all! ^___^ But they’re here for you all the same.)

OK. Started the Archieves! Woot! And now you all get silly little commentaries that’ll either explain things, ruin something or confuse you. If I do really good, I can do them all at once! But it’s fun to read my random rants. Really fun, namely if you’re into spotting typos. I rarely proofread half of what I type. Yup.

Anyway, I suppose this could be considered confessions time. At this point in the story, I had no plans. None. I didn’t even think what sort of plot J&S would have, which I think results in confusion later down the line. Still, it came out OK for something intended to be like the comic strips in the paper. Short and pointless with a gag.

Also, the lined paper thing… well… I never planned on J&S being in the least bit popular or running very long at all. After FDS lost all but one person in its fan base from people just not caring what I drew, as well as having most all of my ideas scoffed, I’d grown used to just doodling and getting some extent of rejection. Ironically, HamstaPowah got the most at its conception, and still gets a lot, but is probably my first work to gain any popularity at all, probably because it’s my first work to be shown to people outside of my little circle of friends… So basically, I didn’t take this seriously for a while. That changed, though, didn’t it?