Blah Blah Update Blah Blah Plans

First and foremost, let’s get the sales pitch out of the way:

December 2015 Wallpaper Preview

The December wallpaper is go on Patreon.  If you’ve been around since the dawn of time, you might remember I used to do monthly wallpapers for about half a year back in who even knows when.  Well, that pattern is back, and any given quarter seems to be getting some semi-intentional combination of Trelldain, Pony and some third thing that I just sort of up and do for giggles.  December gets Trelldain, so I figured I’d give a heads up on the cuteness in store for y’all with Mark and Snowy dealing with the holiday.

You can grab that if you’re a patron, and you can find out what that entails by checking out the Patreon page.

If you’re wondering why the heck you’d ever give me money, as this site has not exactly been a bastion of abundant activity, let me point you at what I have been up to, and we’ll… we’ll get back to the Trelldain situation, I guess.

First and foremost, while HP hasn’t been flying forward at any sort of incredible pace, Lonely Hooves absolutely has.  While I can’t say it was ever my plan to take on fanfiction full time, my lovely fiancé has taken on inking and coloring duties for my absurd horse adventures, which has freed up enough time that we’re pushing LH out twice a week, every Monday and Thursday, for the eyeballs of literally hundreds.

That last bit is particularly exciting to me, as LH has pushed my DevART past the 500 follower marker and its independent Tumblr has recently passed 200 on its own.  This isn’t mindblowing by most standards, but compared to how I usually tend to do, and considering that we’ve only been updating like this for about six months, I find myself undeniably spurred by the support.  We’re closing in on the end of the first chapter, and I do hope that any of you who stumble upon this decide to give it a gander, as I’ve tried to make it pretty accessible even if you’re not up to your earholes in pony.

Trelldain, meanwhile, has been a desolate graveyard for, um…

a year and a half?  I actually thought it’d been longer.

So here’s the deal.

Our story here is at a bit of an impass where I’m deciding what I want to do with it.  I’ve been trying to decide this for a very long time, but recent considerations have brought new thoughts into the process that have me reevaluating certain “significant” events meant to take place in the future, and if those events are not only actually insignificant, but entirely unnecessary.

I’m not sure when or even if I’ll come back to SoT with any level of commitment; the next chapter has sat, largely written, for over a year, waiting for me to find my heart for this again.  I’ve been weighing options, from simply resetting everything from Redux, carrying on as is, or even just taking Light and Darkness as the series going forward.  Possible variants in the timeline have been getting weighed, ranging from simply cutting lighter scenes to saying “eh, screw it” and jumping ahead ten years to a world where the Kait won, all other threads and setup be damned.  I’m not sure what I want, and that leaves me in a pretty crap spot, but for SoT to ever recover something on that front needs to spark a fire in me that presently just isn’t there.  Truth told, of the options, waiting until I’ve the proper time to devote to the story again and just wiping the slate clean is increasingly feeling like the favorable option, and there’s a heavy weight with a decision like that considering that I spent a decade chipping at this story which, ultimately, is still in the single-digit percentile with regards to completion, doing my enthusiasm zero favors.  (For some perspective, LH is cut into arc “seasons”, literally crafted so I can call the thing off at any given one of them, and we’re already closing in on the intended 10% marker with the end of the first chapter.  I’ve learned some lessons, it seems.)

Opening a post on a Patreon pitch just to talk about how much more satisfying your fanfic is than your personal work could understandably raise some eyebrows, I get that.  Truth told, even with Trelldain fizzled out, there are projects I wish to pursue; Ridellia Heavens remains a slow but stubborn effort, I’ve had notions of an Imagion reboot for quite some time, and a couple lesser ideas have been kicking around recently as well.

I don’t know if any of that excites you.  If it does, your continued support, be it financial or simple contributions of enthusiasm, will always be appreciated.  If it doesn’t, thanks for sticking around like 18 months to let me break it to you that HP as it stands is quite likely dead in the water.  That’s still a pretty solid commitment, and I’m sorry to be a killjoy.

Someday, in some capacity, I’ll return to this world.  Right now, though, other things are calling me, and I can’t help but feel like each and every one of them stands to serve my goals better than the ruins of what they’re being built on.

I’ll try to do better about keeping you lot posted, but if you’re interested, I’m pretty present on Twitter, Tumblr and DevART.