Some Overdue Revisions

So it’s been a [cruelly] long time, eh?

I’ve done some minor revisions to the site that may or may not be fairly noticeable; a few links up top have been removed (About/FAQ was outdated and made redundant by the Guide, imo, the Forums are inactive and largely replaced via Disqus on the site proper, etc.) and the TWC vote link has been replaced with a pretty little Patreon button (because frankly I’m not supporting TWC votes nor really paying attention to my list placement anyway).  This also comes with the news that I did, in fact, launch the Patreon!  How exciting.  I’ll sales pitch you in a bit, but first:

The old store page is also dead and gone for many a reason, and I’ve moved the whole thing over to StoreEnvy, where I can better track orders, more easily add new goodies, and the overall user experience is just a lot nicer than a makeshift Paypal button.  There’s a nice selection of prints on top of the previously available goodies, and I’ll hopefully get buttons added in there soon!  It’s all much nicer so give it a gander and tell me what you think.

If you’re (rightfully) wondering what’s up on the comic front, I’ve more or less beaten back an unholy long stint of writer’s block and have resumed (admittedly slow) progress on the scripting and initial draft for this new method of “making the whole thing at once and seeing what happens.”  It’s going well.  If you want to see such madness progress, I’ve been intending to work on all this over on our new Picarto channel!  But such secretive things obviously aren’t for everyone (I told you a pitch was coming) -so if you’re interested in that sort of thing, go check out the Patreon tiers; $5/mo. will keep you updated on all my secret knowledge, and $10/mo. lets you dance around in private, Patron-only livestreams wherein you’ll get to see the story come to life or what have you, which is pretty slick.  Also, the more people paying that sort of coin, the more I’ll aim to do said streams, because social pressure and what not.

That didn’t need to be in italics, but I went most of a sentence without and it started to feel wrong.

As for other projects, Lonely is healthy at the moment (albeit still slow going), Ridellia is sporadically poked, and things are generally productive at the moment, which is a good place to be imo.  Hopefully I’ll have something major on some front or other to throw at you lot in the near future.


  • Sorin Braveheart

    I hate to be a bother but it is now october and i have seen no further news, unless you have some other outlet i am not aware of.