The Laziest Status Update

Guys, you like knowing when to expect more weird magical rodent noise, and I like being lazy.  Today we both win, because I needed to write up a DA journal thing anyway, so I went ahead and just put it all there.

Whazzat?  You didn’t know I had a DA?  Well, how fortuitous.  Now you can follow me and all my delightful doings over yonder as well.  They don’t get a lot of what goes on here, though.  Oh no.  You guys are special.

The next chapter is about halfish scripted and laid out at this point.  I’m trying a different approach with this one, but that works out okay for me because I’m juggling a fair smidge at this point in time.

And, since it came up on DA, with regards to prints and con prep, anything you’re all dying for?  I’ve no sense for these things.