‘Twixt the Tales Update

Been a couple weeks since the end of Light & Darkness, so I thought I’d fill y’all in on what I’ve been up to.

First off, we have my latest remix, this time of Eurobeat Brony’s “Batty”. This one’s been doing really well, and even got an EQD spot! So that’s rather cool.

There’s also “Moonlit Razi”, a somewhat sultry piece done up of one of my fiancé’s RP characters from her own attempt at offshooting Legends. Both of these are dead, but there’s strangely synchronous whisperings and chatter, things stirring, something trying to happen. I’m hoping something comes of that, but in the meantime there’s a mouse bein’ sexy or whatever. It’s nothing practically outside of HP’s normal bounds, but it is decidedly meant to be a bit more risqué, and for that reason I choose to keep it linked over embedded. It’s a weird line, but a line all the same.

That was a super productive week one, which would be followed up by weird exhaustion leading into super exciting illness. This last week leaves little to show on account of that, but through my muddled exhaustion I can say I’ve gotten out something, sort of.

Screenshot 2014-07-28 16.29.39

Yup, I’m trying this again.  It’s not a priority project, but it suited my mental state pretty well.

My goals this week are to try and get some commission work going before I get back into the full swing of chapters again, but I do hope to put a considerable dent in writing out the next chapter in the process.  It’s a doozy and I’ve been teasing it for ages, but for now I’ll say the interlude occurred for a narrative reason, and we’ll be returning at long last to the core group of our little story for a good while.  What happened after the events at the arena?  You’ll finally get to find out, albeit in the usual demented manner where I never just up and tell you as soon as you’d like.  I’m cruel like that.

I’ll keep you guys posted as things develop, but in the meanwhile, Maiz just started chapter 6, and I’ve long been saying that if you guys like HP, you’ll probably enjoy Maiz as well.  Give it a shot?

  • Renadt

    So we get to see Sam, J’aime and Hiate again?

    • http://www.hamstapowah.com/ Zaron

      Something like that! -long pause, sinister laughter, lightning clap-

      • Renadt

        I produced a comment that failed moderation for some reason. It was only a link to the drama button. Was it offensive, by any chance?

        • http://www.hamstapowah.com/ Zaron

          Nah. Apparently “I looked at it ” and “I approved it” are just not the same thing, even when I didn’t see a button to specifically approve it. Yay!

          • Renadt

            Thankee on the swift response. I was reading a TMNT fancomic (really good one too) and none of my messages were approved. At all. I even asked as to why, no answer- so for an author to address the question in a prompt and courteous manner is welcomed.