Family Matters – Part 1
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October 5th, 2006

Family Matters – Part 1

Learn the date of this post well, and brace yourself.  You are about to dive into a 90 page behemoth of me getting on two or three tangents at the same time – none of this chapter went to plan.  For the most part, it ended up kicking the plan’s tuckus in some pretty creative ways, and I like how it turned out, but all the same, this chapter does not end until August 10, 2008.  Go grab a snack, something to drink, and get ready to read through what is, to date, HP’s largest and most dynamic chapter (artwise, at least).

And I mean that in how the art changes – this cover here is almost two years behind the final page, so there’s a lot of art growth.  I started this chapter while attending LB for graphic design, and while I may not have aced the course, I still learned a lot from how far I got.  I changed from color Photoshop to grayscale Photoshop to Manga Studio, and then when I thought I’d mastered Manga Studio my laptop crashed and I was on a desktop with Vista, which doesn’t really like Manga Studio.  So I got to learn Painter Essentials, and by the time the chapter ended I was into Painter X thanks to Lardman.  The art grows a lot – hamsters develop legs, I work on my backgrounds, and that gigantic forehead Sam has on this cover gets drastically reduced.

I am, finally, done with this chapter, and to anyone looking back, or those of you reading through for the first time, I welcome you to what is, at this point, HP’s biggest wad of plot and revelations yet.  You’re going to learn a little more about Darin, discover Sam and J’Aime’s past, and see Hiaté kick butt with a sword.  Are you ready?

– Zaron, August 11th, 2008

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